dys[FUN]ction by Joy Atlantis

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10/13/20221 min read

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Women are broken. Broken women love falling for men who need to be fixed!Joye was no different. Behind her perfectly curated life, she searched for someone to fill the void of loneliness she felt for many years. Joye treated her relationships as though they were over-the-counter medicine to maintain her "sickness" but never cure it. She entered pseudo-relationships and sexual encounters that exploited her need for validation and intimacy in exchange for temporary relief. She loved hard, but with little understanding of herself and the men she chose. As Joye entered and exited relationships, she appeared to grow. It wasn't until life forced her to confront her past that she saw herself through the lens she had used to judge everyone else's flaws and inconsistencies. But was her discovery of herself too late? Would Joye ever receive the love she desired? After all, she had just turned forty. It would take one relationship from her past to resurface the drama she had been running from for fifteen years to help her find out. This is a piece of her story.

This is The Goddess Journal

by Joy Alantis